About Us

Providing exceptional quality products at
cost-effective rates.

Tombstones Designs is a SME company which operates in a rapidly growing industry. It therefore has a small but effective management team and complimentary staff. The management team is assisted by a skilled and experienced administrative team. The team ensures effective information flow at all times, accountability and exceptional clientele service.

Managing Director K. Kekane


To be a key player in the integrated funeral services sector in South Africa, offering an outstanding quality of service and products.


Providing exceptional quality products at cost-effective rates, therefore delivering consistent value and dependability to all our clients.

Our Objectives

To serve our dynamic market by providing reliable, professional, effective and efficient services. Building and maintaining long term relationship with clients. Exceeding customer expectations by providing outstanding customer service, pre- sale and post-sale.


To play our part in fighting climate change and the effects of man-made pollution, Tombstone Designs understands the importance of protecting our natural environment for future generations. Thus all our manufacturing processes follow very stringent guidelines to ensure minimum waste and misuse of materials during production.